Dominique is Mary's guardian. She is the Wicked Stepmother character. took her in when Mary's mother died . Dominique makes Mary clean, and she is the one that makes the mess. She used to be a pop star. but then no one liked her anymore and her job was basically over but she was still rich. She has two identical daughters, Bree and Britt . Dominique likes fried chicken a lot as seen in the movie and she is also rude because she pretended to sleep during Natalia's dance. In the end she fell by accident and broke both her legs and it is a matter of time before she runs out of money because in the first Cinderella, the stepmother kept the big house but ran out of money. anyways, some people think that she is a parody of Madonna since they were both huge pop stars who no one thought were cool anymore. She is played by Jane Lynch.